Feedback Informed Treatment

What is Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT)?

Measurement based care that is facilitated at every session based on research of treatment outcomes with patients. This is a short 2-3 minute questionnaire provided to patients at the beginning and end of every session.

Why FIT?

Our team does this to ensure our patients are reaching their goals for treatment and as providers we are constantly adjusting the treatment plan based on progress in treatment and feedback from our patients. We understand that our patients’ time and resources are valuable and we try to ensure effective care.


– If I am reaching past the clinical cutoff is treatment ended?

No, we strive to go beyond the baseline for our patients. The time a patient graduates from treatment will be determined together in collaboration.

– What if I am not making progress in treatment based on the measures?

Our team will meet to look at cases that are not progressing in treatment. We will work to determine other tools, supports, resources a patient may benefit from given their clinical presentation. At times it may mean a transfer to another provider.

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Training/Consultation for Feedback Informed Treatment

Please reach out to discuss training and consultation for FIT. We have experience training clinical groups around the practice and implementation around FIT.

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